1-800-555 Hero
2 Dream of a Kiss ('04)

4 A.M. (16)
7 Stories
8 Best Worst Things About High School
9 Worst Breakups Of All Time, The (15)
10 Actors In Search Of A Cell Phone
10 Best Worst Things About High School
10 Ways To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
11 Worst Breakups Of All Time, The
13 Signs You Should Stop Being A Pirate (18)
13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview
15 Reasons Not To Be In A Play (08)
15 Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview
18 More Reasons Not To Be In A Play
20 Books In Search Of A Reader
27 Reasons Not To Be In A Play

33 Days
39 Steps, The: A Live Radio Play

65 Mustang

110th Street Station

A.M.L. (15)
Abra Ca Dabra

Abra Cadaver
Abracadabra, Aladdin
Absolutely Insidious And Utterly Terrifying
    Truth About Cat Hair, The
Acting Lesson, The
Actor Games, The
Actor’s Nightmare, An
Act Three, Scene Five
Actor's Nightmare, The
Adam’s Apple
Adam’s Rib Hurts
Addict (’89)
Admissions (13*)
Adventure Of The Clouded Crystal
After Hours
After Liverpool (’95)
After Magritte
After Math
After Midnight - Before Dawn (’86)
After The Game
Ah, Eurydice ('02)
Albertine In Five Times
Albertine, En Cinq Temps
Alexandra's Lullaby
Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland (Armbruster)
Alice In Wonderland -- Urban Edition
Alice The Tea Party
Alice's Wonderland
Aliens Vs Cheerleaders
Alky (’02)
All I Really Need To Know
    I Learned From Being A Zombie
All I Really Need to Know
    I Learned in Kindergarten
All In Disguise
All That Twitters Is Not Gold (10)
All The Bases
All The World’s A Stage
All’s Well That Ends Well
All's Well That Ends Wrong
Am I Blue
Amber Waves (’93)
Amelia, Once More
American Beauty
American Century, The
American Dream, The
American Roulette
Amicable Parting (’84)
Among Friends And Clutter ('11)
Analogy and An Enigma, An
An Endangered Species: Waking Up ('03)
And Johnny Came Marching Home
And Stuff (’88)
And The Giants Fell
And Then There Was One ('11)
And Then There Was One, Two
And To Think I Saw It On     Mulberry Street
Andromeda's Galaxy (16)
Anger Management
Annie, Jr.
Antagonize Me
Antic Spring
Antigone (’96, '03)
Antigone In Warsaw, The
Antigone Now
Ant'sHillvania: The Show ('02)
Any Body For Tea?
Anybody There?
Apollo Of Bellac, The
Apple, The
Apple Pie
Apple Pie Order
Approaching Lavendar
April Fish
Apron Strings
Arabian Nights, The (’94)
Argument, The
Arlene's Beauty World
Arnold Bliss Show, The
Arranged Marriage, The
Art Control
Arthur Makes A Difference (’92)
Ask Jeeves
Ask Shawna
Ass And The Philosophers, The
Atomic Adventures Of Nikolai Nikolaevich, The
Atomic Bombing
Attempted Murder Of Peggy Sweetwater
Attention Detention
Audition, The
Avoiding The Pitfalls Of High School Dating
Aw, Shucks!
Ax of Murder

Babel Rap (’80, ’83*, ’96, '10)
Babes In Gangland
Babes In Videoland
Babies, The
Babushka's Basket
Baby (’90,'07, '08*)
Baby For Brenda, A
Bachelor Of The Year
Backstage Broadway
Bad Auditions By Bad Actors
Bad Company
Bad Seed
Bake Off
Baker’s Dozen
Balcony Scene (’86)
Bald Prima Donna, The (’96)
Bald Soprano, The (’95)
Ballad of Carlyle: A Town
    on the Move
Baloney, The Pickle, The Zombies,
    and Other Things I Hid From
    My Mother, The
Bang, Bang You're Dead

Bank Robbery

Banker’s Dilemma, The (’83)
Bar And Ger (’87, ’91)
Barbarians Are Coming, The
Barbie, Get Real
Bard On The Plains, The
Barnardo Kids
Barry Wotter - Son of a Witch
Bathroom Door, The
Battle Of Wits, A (’86)
Be Careful What You Wish For…
Beans And Rice
Bedtime Stories (As Told By Our Dad) (Who Messed Them Up)
Before The Flood (’79)
Behind A Microphone (17)
Behind The Bars
Behind The Screen
Before We Go

Belles Soeurs, The
Bench 18
Bernice Bobs Her Hair (’92)
Bert's Golf Pants
Bertha, The Bartender's
    Beautiful Baby
Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The
Between Mouthfuls
Between The Lines
Beware The Quickly Who
Beyond The End Of Your Nose
Beyond The Walls
Beyond These Walls
Big Bad (08)
Big Black Box, The
Big Dark, The
Big Green, The
Big Mary (’92*)
Bigger Than Life! American Folk
    Tales and Legends
Birds, The (’91)
Birthday Present, The
Blabbermouth, The
Black & White
Black Bonspiel Of
    Wullie McCrimmon
Black Comedy
Blah Blah Blah (’03*)
Blind Dates (’99, ’00)
Blind Woman's Bluff
Bling Midas
Blithe Spirit
Blood Relations: Act 1 (’93)
Bloody Attack Of The Evil,
    Demonic Giraffe Puppet, The
Blue Sky
Bluebeard Had A Wife
Bluebeard's Chamber (18)
Boarding House, The
Boiler Room Suite (’90)
Bone Chiller
Booby Trap ('10*)
Born To Be Wild
Box For One

Boy Meets Girl: A Young
    Love Story (13)
Brat Pack, The
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Breeches From Bond Street
Briar Rose - The Tale Of
    Sleeping Beauty
Brick And The Rose, The (’94)
Bridegroom Waits, The
Brides Of Begerin, The
Bridge Watcher, The
Bright Blue Mailbox
Suicide Note, The (17)
Broken Hearts
Broken Hearts Club
Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, The
Brothers Grimm, The: Out Of Order
Brute, The (’90)
Buck, A Tale Of The Frozen North
Buckskin & Chapperos
Buffalo In Sheep's Clothing, A
Buffalo Jump
Bugs: A Variety Show For Kids
Building Blocks
Bullying: The Relation of How
    It's Always Been
Bury The Hatchet
But I’m Only Seventeen
But Listen (07)
Butler Did It, Singing, The

Café Murder
(’98, 09)
Calamityville Terror, The
Camel Dung And Cloves
Cameo, The
Can’t Buy Me Love
Canadian Gothic
Candid Shots
Cards, Cups And Crystal Ball
Carpets, Cheese, And Veins
Case Of Belonging, A
Case Of Humanity Versus
    Pontius Pilate, The
Case Of The Crushed
    Petunias, The
Case Of The Weird Sisters, The
Cassandra (’96)
Castle, The
Cathleen Ni Houlihan
Cato’s Daughter
Caucasian Chalk Circle, The (’86*)
Caught in the Middle
Cave Cat, The
Cave Dream
Celebrity, The
Cemetaries Are a Grave Matter
Chamber Music (’93, 04)
Chamber of Horrors
Champagne Charade
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Chasing Gophers
Cheating Death
Check, Please ('07, '08)
Check Please: Take 3 (16)
Cheerleaders, The
Chester, Who Painted The World Purple
Chester, You Owe My Bird An
Children Of The Holocaust
Chocolate Connection, The
Chocolate Teapot
Choice For Life, A
Choices! (’99)
Choices: An Interactive Adolescent Adventure
Chronicles Of Jane, The: Book Seven (07)
Cinderella Syndrome, The
Cinderella With A Beat
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots
Cinderella’s Dream
Cindy Ella's Going to the Ball, Baby!
Circus Fire (17)
Circus Of Grimm, The
Circus Olympus
Clowns (’98)
Coal Diamond, The
Coarse Acting Show, The
Coarse Acting Show 2, The
Cobbler Stick To Thy Last
Coffee Buzz (’03)
Cold Day In Hell, A
Coldly Sparkle In The
Collective Confusion ('08)
Colour Blind
Come Hell Or High Water
Come Together
Come Tomorrow Come
Comedies Of Error
Comic Book Artist
Coming Of The Seasons, The
Competition Piece (’94, '06, '09, '12)
Complaint Department And Lemonade
Confession: Kafka In High School

Confined Chaos
Conflict ('09)
Conversation Therapy
Cool Suit
Coop Dreams
Cop And The Anthem, The
Cornelius Dragon
Cornered (’90)
Cosmic Sojourn, A
Counting People, The (’79)
Coupla Bimbos Sittin' Around
    Talkin', A
Courting Of Marie Jenvrin, The (’80)
Cowardly Acts
Crazy, Mixed-Up Island of
    Dr. Moreau, The
Crazytown (16)
Creature Features (Modern Day Mutants)
Cribbage With The Undead
Cricket County Academy
Crosspatch, The (’80*)
Crush! ('06)
Cuckoo, The
Culture With A Side O' Ketchup
Cupid Is A Bum Is A Bum
Curious Space, A
Curse Of The Werewolf
Curtain Call
Custer’s Last Sit
Cut (13)
Cyrano de Bergerac

Dancing Solo
Danish Soap, A
Dark Brown
Dark Reflection, A
Dark Road (18)
Dark Rosaleen
Darla's Dream
Darlings, You Were Wonderful!
Das Box
Day After Forever, The
Day Before Tomorrow, The
Day Billy Lived, The
Day Jake Made Her Rain, The
Day They Kidnapped The Pope, The
Dazzling Diamond Capers
Dead Boy
Deadbeat Holiday
Dear Chuck
Dear Departed, The
Dear Future Classmates
Death Aboard The Duchess
Death Of A Dead Guy
Death Of King Philip, The (’97)
Death Of The Hired Man, The (’85)
Death Seat (’01)
Decline And Fall Of Wilbur’s Empire
Definitely Eric Geddis
Demon, The
Departures And Arrivals
Desperate Housewives Of Shakespeare
Detention Press ('06)
Devil And Daniel Webster, The
Devil And Miss Appleby, The
Devious Doings of Oozley Mudslime
    or Mother Knows Best, The
Diary Of Adam And Eve, The
Dinner Guests, The
Dinner Party
Dino (Sergel)
Dirty Old Man, The
Dirty Work At The Crossroads
Discovering Rogue
Disney's Cinderella Kids
Disney's The Jungle Book Kids
Distant Thunder
Divine Resolve, A
Doctor In Spite Of Himself, The
Dog Fleet
Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s
Dogsbreath Devereaux, The
Don't Fear The Reaper
Don’t Forget Your Hat (’00)
Don’t Get Sassy!
Don’t Tell A Soul
Don’t Touch That Dial
Donovan's Daughters
Donut Whole, The
Door, The (Davidson School Drama Club)
Door, The (Elliot)
Dorothy Meets Alice Or The
    Wizard Of Wonderland
Double Income No Kids
Down Came The Rain (’87, '12)
Dr. Barnardo’s Pioneers
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ('03)
Dr. Toughlove (’01)
Dracula, Baby
Dragons Of The Winds
Drama Geeks (16)
Drama Rehab: Revenge Of
    The Type-Cast Actors
Dream Your First Dream
Dreaming Beauty, The
Dreams Of Anne Frank
Drop Dead Juliet!
Drugs Are Bad
Duck Variations, The (’92)
Dudley's Date
Dull City
Dumb Waiter, The
Dust (’97, ’99, 16*)
Dying To Be Thin

E Pluribus Unum
Early Days Of Rock-n-Roll, The
Early Frost
Earthlings! (’95)
Earwig ('11)
EAT (It's Not About The Food)
Echo Of Wings, An
Edge of Innocence
Effect Of Gamma Rays On
    Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds
Eighteen Thirty Seven: The
    Farmer’s Revolt
(’87, ’94)
Elephant's Graveyard (16)
Elevator (Thiessen)
Elizabeth Refuses
Emotional Baggage (18)
Employees Must Wash Hands…Before Murder
Empty Chair, The
En Pieces Detachees (’90)
Encounter ('04)
End Of Civilization As We Know It, The
End Of The Beginning, The (’82*)
End Of The Line, The
Endangered Species: Waking Up, An ('03)
Envious Moon, The
Epic Adventures In A Rinky Dink Art Museum
Epic Fail (17)

Eros At Breakfast
Escape From Nemotex ('06)
Eternal Life
Even Roses Have Thorns
Eventus: A Story of Revolution
Ever After, The
Every Novel You Read In High School (In 25 Minutes Or Less)
Everybody's Got A Cell
Everything In Its Right Place
Everything’s Groovy
Exception And The Rule, The
Excerpts From Macbeth
Excerpts From The Betrayal
    and Superles Babes
Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky
Exile And The Onion Girl, The
Exit Right, Running

Extra Button, The

Fabulous Fable Factory, The
Face Is The Place, The
Fairy Tales Go To Court
Family Album
Family Jewels, The
Family Secrets
Family Ties, Drying Eyes
Fear And Misery Of The Third
Fearful Symmetry

Festival Nightmare ('05)
Feudin’ Mountain Boys
Fez, The (Act 1)
Fifteen Minute Hamlet
Fifth Sun, The (’96, ’01)
Fig Connection, The
Fighting For Myself ('08)
Final Dress Rehearsal, The ('04)
Final Judgment
Fine Coloured Easter Egg, A
Fire and Ice
First And Last Date
First Person Shooter
First Time Club, The
Five For Bad Luck
Five Pound Sack, The
Flaky Lips ('09)
Flashforward 360
Flattering Word, The (’97)
Flight Of The Deer
Flight Of The Living Dog
Floating On A Don't Care Cloud
Flowers For Algernon (One-Act)
Flowers For Algernon (Two-Act)
Flying Doctor, The (’82, ’89)
Fool’s Errand
For Crying Out Loud
For The Rest Of His Life
For Whom The Tinkerbell Tolls
Fourth, The ('09)
Fourth Wall, The
Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman! - Not!
Frame Of Mind
Franfreakintastic Ridiculously
Entertaining Awesomelyamazing
    Circus And Spectacular, The
    Or F.R.E.A.C.S
Frank Slide, The
Frankenstein Slept Here
Free (Version 1)
French Butler, The
French Toast
Fried Dough Girl
Fried Kobassa, The
Friends Forever?
Frog Prince, The
Frumpled Fairy Tales
Funny Thing Happened On The
    Way To Fifth Period, A
Further Down The Rabbit Hole
Future Harvest (’91)

Gabrielle (14)
Gadget, The
Galway Girl, The
Game, A
Game, The
Gammer Gurton’s Needle ('02)
Garden Of The Golden Monkey, The
Germans, The
Get A Life
Getting Ahead in the
    Corporate World
Ghost Fires
Ghost for Rosanda, A
Ghost Of A Show, The
Ghost’s Story, A
Gift, The (’87)
Girl In The Mirror, The (’93)
Girl Town
Girl Who Was Asked To
    Turn Blue, The
Give And Take (’95)
Glamorgan ('08, '14)
Gloria Mundi
Go Ask Alice
Go Ask Alice (Act II)
Go Ask Alice (One Act Cutting)
Go With The Flow
Going Home
Golden Fleecing, A
Good Bye To The Clown
    (’87, ’89, ’91, '14, '18)
Good Doctor, The
Good Doctor, The (Cutting)
Good Help Is So Hard To Murder
Good, The Bad, And The
    Slightly In-Between, The
Good, The Bad And The
    Stupid, The
Good Times, Good Times
Goobye Marianne (17)
Gopher Tales
Gopher Valley S. D. #321
Grand Duchess, The
Grandad Steps Out
Great American Cheese
    Sandwich, The
Great Catherine (’87)
Great Electrical Revolution,
Great Ice Cream Scheme, The
    Or Robin Baskins To The Rescue
Great Pandemonium, The (’98)
Greatest Girls’ Softball Team
Greek Mythology Olympiaganza, The
Green Man (’00, '13)
Groves Of Academe, The
Growing Up Naked

Ha-Ha House
Hairball ('12)
Halloween Scare
Hamlette ('13)
Handcuffs ('02)
Handicapper General, The
Hannah’s Light
Hansel And Gretel
Happy Daze - Act 1 ('08)
Happily Never After
Happiness Shop, The
Happy Journey, The
Happy Scarecrow, The
Hard Candy
Harlequin Holds the Bag
Harry Potter And The Harry Potter
    Musical Parody
Haunted Bookshop, The
Haunted Carousel, The
Haunting Of Chip Lake Lodge, The
He Who Says Yes, He Who Says No
Heat Lightning
Heave2n Is... (’97*)
Heaven And Hell (On Earth):
    A Divine Comedy
Helga The Reluctant
Help Wanted ('02)
Helpless Doorknobs
Henry Hereafter
Her Last Possession
Her Majesty The King
Herbal Cowboy
Hi, Ho, Robin Hood
Hi Jack
Hidden Meanings
Hidden Truth, The
High Road, The
High School Blues, The ('04)
High School Drama, The
High School Follies, The
High School For Dummies
High Window
High-Schooler's Guide To
    The Galaxy, The
Highly Theatrical Terms
Hill Of Magic Beans, A
Hillbilly Sue
Hills Like White Elephants, The
Him & Her (14)
Hint: The Motion Picture On Stage
Hiring The New Teacher
His First Shave
Historically Bad First Dates
History Of Dating, The
History Of Tom Jones, The
Hitch-Hiker, The
Home At Six
Home? (’99)
Homework Eats Dog And Other
    Woeful Tales
Hooch Bird Sings, The
Hood, Of Sherwood


Hooray For Holywood! (Act 1)
Hope Is The Thing With
Hope n' Mercy
Hopeless Hamlet
Horse Latitudes, The
Hospital Hijinx
Hotel, The (07, 17*)
How He Lied To Her
How To Eat Like A Child
How To Kiss A Girl
Huge Lake Trout, The
Hunchback Of Notre Dame
    Goes West, The
Hush Little Celia, Don't Say A Word ('08)
Hyronomous A. Frog

I Am #1, You Are #2923
I Am A Start (A Cutting)
I Am Alcohol
I Am Not Broken
I Believe In Us
I Bought It With My Prize Money
I Bring You Flowers
I Comici Evanardi
I Could Not Speak My Heart
I Don't Mind That You're Ugly (16)
I Don't Want To Talk About It
I Hate The Mall
I Hate Ties
I Just Wanna Tell Somebody
I Know I Saw Gypsies (’88, ’96)
I Know What You Did Last
    School Year
I Met A Bully On The Hill
I Must Be Somebody, It Says So
  On My Horoscope
I Never Got To Say Goodbye
I Never Saw Another Butterfly
    (’85, ’89, ’93,’00, '03)
I’m Not Having A Good Day
Icarus's Mother
Identity Crisis

Idiot And The Oddity, The (’01)
If Boys Wore The Skirts
If Girls Asked Boys For Dates
If The Shoe Fits, Buy It!
If These Walls Could Speak
If You Really Love Me… (17)
Il Penseroso
I'll Be Seeing You
Imaginary Harry
Imperfect Proposal
Importance of Being Earnest, The
Impromptu (’79)

In A Room Somewhere ('92, ’02, '10)
In Collaboration Woody Allen
In Common
In Reality
In The Attic
In The Beginning Was Eve
In The Driver's Seat
In The Garden Of The
    Selfish Giant ('13)
In The Shadows
Incident At San Bajo ('04)
Infancy (’85)
Informer, The (Brecht)
Insanity Of Mary Girard, The (’99)
Inside Al ('09)
Instant Replay (’93)
Instructions For A Good Day
Instruments Of Darkness (’87)
Interrupting Vanessa
Interview (Pinter)
Interview (Van Itallie) (’88, ’00, '11*)
Invisible Circle, The (15)
Invisible Dragon, The
Invisible Man, The
Is It Fair?
Island, The
Ists, The

It Happened At Miss Minchens
It's Bigfoot

It’s Cold In Them Thar Hills!
It's Crime Time!
It’s For You
It's For You, Redial
It’s Murder In The Wings!
It’s Not The End Of The World But
    You Can See It From Here
(’98*, ’00)
It's Not You, It's Me

Jack And The Beanstalk
James And The Giant Peach
Jane Eyre
Jealousy Jane
Jessica And Jolene
Jewish Wife, The (’85)
Jigsaw Puddle, The
Johnny Came Marching Home
Jolly Roger: King O' The Pirates
Journeys: We Are All Treaty People
Judgement Of Clifford
    Sifton, The
Julius And Cleopatra
Jungle Book, The
Just A Stage He’s Going
(’00, '09)
Just A Teenage Wasteland (13*)
Just Another High School Play ('10)
Just As It Should Be
Just Like Us
Just Me
Just One Day
Juvie (’88, ’95, 98)

Keep, The
Keep Your Halo Straight
Keeper Of The Birds, The
Keeping It Real
Kentucky Marriage Proposal, The
Kid Nobody Could Handle, The
Kill Phil
Killing Bill (14)
King Of The Castle
Kingsayer ('03)
Kiss Me, I'm Ugly
Kiss Me Like You Used To
Kiss Of Death
Knights Of The Rad Table, The
Korn Mash

L.I.F.E. “Life Is For Eternity”
La Famille Tourcourt En Solo Ce Soir
Laboratory, The
Ladies In Waiting
Ladies Of The Mop
Ladies Of The Tower
Laffin' School
Lalapalooza Bird, The
Lass Unparalleled, A
Last Bus To Lockerbee, the
Last Call
Last Illusion, The
Last Leaf, The (Hischak)
Last Of The Dime-Store
    Cowboys, The
Last Stop
Last Time I Saw Her, The
Last Touchy Feel Drama On
   The American Stage
Last Will And Testament
Late Company
Laughing Ghost, The
Laughing Stock ('10)
Laundry And Bourbon (’87, ’94)
Law And Order, Fairy Tale Unit
Law Of The Land
Laws Of Thermodynamics, The
Le Petit Prince
Learning To Fly (’00)
Least Offensive Play In The
    Whole Darn World, The
LeBonte Sisters, The
Ledge, Ledger And The Legend, The
Legacy, The
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, The
Lemonade Stand, The
Les Precieuse Ridicules
Lesson, The
Lessons Of Oz
Letters To An Alien
Life After Hockey (’97)
Life Goes On Like A Script
Life In The Boonies
Life Is A Dance
Life Of A Statue
Life Of The Mind, The

Lighting Strikes
Lily Daw And The Three Ladies
Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe,
    The (Cutting)
Lip Service
Little Bottle Of Pills
Little Box Of Oblivion, A
Little Brother:Little Sister
Little Glass Houses
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Snares The Wolf
Little Sister
Little Something For The
    Ducks, A
('86, '94, '12)
Lockdown (17)
Lonesome Love
Long Silence, The
Long Tall Lester Or….
    The Fastest Encyclopedia
    Salesman In The West
Long View, The
Long Walk To Forever
Look Me In The Eye
Loose Connections
Lorax (An Adaptation), The
Lord, What Fools ('92)
Lord Of The Pies
Lose Not Thy Head
Lost Connection ('12)
Lottery, The
(’81, ’82, ’84)
Louder, I Can’t Hear You
Love And Work Enough (’91*, 95, '05)
Love Among The Moo-Moos
Love, Death And The Prom
Love Errant
Love Is A Hot Fudge Sundae
Love Mouse
Lovely Afternoon
Lovers In Midsummer, The
Lucky Dollar Private Eye
Lucky Hudson
Lullaby For Lindy
Lunch Bunch Battle

Macbeth: A Kid's Cautionary Tale
    Concerning Greed, Power, Mayhem
    And Other Current Events
Macbeth's Victory
Machine, The
Mad Tea Party, The
Magic Fairy In The Microwave

Magic Video
Magical Land Of Oz, The
Magician’s Nephew, The
Magna Carta (15)
M'aidez (18)
Make Up Artist, The
Make Up Your Mind - A Story
    About Choice
Making Nice
Males Order Brides
Mamie’s Getting Married
Man In The Bowler Hat, The (’87)
Man Who Married A Dumb Wife, The
Man Who Turned Into
    A Stick, The
Man Who Wouldn’t Go To
Man Woman Flower
Mannequin, The
Mansion, The
Marching As To War
Marriage Proposal, A (’79)
Marriage Proposal, Western Style
Marcus Is Walking
Mars And Venus: Will We Ever
    Get It Right?
Marvelous Playbill, The
Mary Celeste, The
Masque of Pierrot, The
Masks Of Various Colors
Masterpiece, The
Match (17)
Matriarchs, The (’94*)
May I Have Your Attention Please
Mayor Of Torontal, The (’84)
Mayor Pig, M.I.A.
Me ‘n Alfred
Me No Indian
Medieval Madness
Melissa's Story
Melody Meets The Bag Lady
Memory Of Harold, A
Men And Angels
Metamorphosis, The
Meyer’s Room (’80)
Mice Have Been Drinking
    Again, The
Michael (’80)
Middle School Dating Game, The

Midsummer Night's Dream (15)

Midsummer Night's Sleepover, A
Mike’s Case
Mikiwaph Stories (Tipi Tales)
Miller's Daughter, The
Mimsy Were The Borogoves
Mind Over Matt
Miracle Group, The
Miracle Worker, (Act 1) The
(’79, ’85)
Mirror Game (’95)
Mirror, Mirror
Misadventures Of Romeo And Juliet, The
Mischief Makers, The
Miss Beth
Miss Temptation
Miss Polly's Institute For Criminally
    Damaged Young Ladies Puts
    On A Show
Mission Possible! (Act 1)
Mixed Emotions
Moment In Time, A
Money, Money, Money
Monkey's Paw, The
Monster, The
Monsters Inside, The:
    A Writer's Beginnings
Moon of Ourselves Alone
Moon People (’97, ’98)
Moonshine And Martians
More Of A Family
More Than That
Morgue, The
Most Likely Pages, The
Most Massive Woman Wins, The (12*)
Mother Earth Wants Out
Mother Figure
Mother In My Head, A
Mother’s Day (’97)
Mother's Day In The Holding Tank
Moustache, The (14)
Movie Magic
Moving (17)
Mr. Cunningham
Mr. Foot
Mr. Winkler’s Birthday Party (’84)
Ms. Frankenstein’s Monster
Muddin' In Chumuckla
Muffineers, The
Munsch Filled Life, A
Murder At Mystery Mansion ('09)
Murder At The Banquet
Murder Play
Murder Well Rehearsed
Murdered Mystery, A
Murders In The Rue Morgue
Murdo’s Story
My Cup Ranneth Over
My Gun Is Pink
My Gypsy Robe
Mysterious Art Of Advertising, The

Nasty Things, Murders
Nathan The Nervous
Necessary Parties
Necklace, The
Never Swim Alone
New and Improved
New Canadian Kid (’99*)
New Margo, The
Newton's Second Law
Next Stop
Nice Day In The Park, A
Night Shift
Night Walker, The
Nightmare Factory, The
Nigro, Nigro, Nigro
No Alterations
No Fading Star
No Greater Love
No Horse Town
No Means No! (’92)
No One Wants To Know
No Problem (15)
No Show
Nobody Heard Me Cry
Nobody Sleeps
Noonies Masterpiece In Purple
Norah's Lost
North Prairie River Song
Nose For The News, A
Not A Clue As To Who Dunnit
Not Enough Rope (’82)
Not My Cup Of Tea
Not So Dumb
Not So Grim Fairy Tales
Not-So-Grimm Tales
Note To Self
Nothing In The Telling
Nothing Is As It Seems
Nothing Says I Love You Like
    Bad Poetry
Now Let's Drink To That!
Now You See Me

Nuclear Jig

Observing Group #1337
Octogenarian, The
Odds Are
Odyssey, The
Of Poems, Youth And
Of Winners, Losers And Games
Office Hours (Scene Two - 'The Pitch')
Oh, Baby
Oh, Mr. Samsa … !
Oh, What A Tangled Web
Old Ways, New Ways, Our Way
Old Woman And The Pedlar, The
Oliver Twisted
Omnipotence And The
    Wheelbarrow Man
On The Sidewalks Bleeding
On With The Shrew
Once Upon A Playground (’79)
Once Upon A Time
One Beautiful Evening
One Egg
One Eight Hundred Five Five Five
One Fine Day
One Foot Over A Banana Peel
One Giant Leap
One Hundred Lies
One Month To Pay Or The
    Sailor’s Return
One Of Our Clowns Is Missing
One Spring Morning
One Thing After Another (’96*)
One Thousand Cranes (’97)
One Weird Day
Open And Shut Case, An
Open House At Hightower U.
Open Window, The
Opening Night ('03)
Opening Night Oscar (’98)
Orphan Trains
Orson Welles The War Of
    The Worlds
Other Room, The
Other Side Of The Wall, The
Other Son, The (’95)
Our Place
Our Town (Adapted)
Out For The Count
Out To Be
Outcasts Of Poker Flat, The
Outside The Box
Outside The Door
Overcoat, The
Overpraised Season, An
Overtones (’82, ’89)
Oz (18)

P Is For Perfect
Pair Of Lunatics, A
Pajama Party
('02, '14)
Paper Or Plastic?
Paper Wheat
Parent's Day
Parents Just Don't Understand
Park, The
Park Bench, The
Parting At Imsdorf
Pasque Flower
Pass The Pipe
Passacaglia (’86)
Patchwork Quilt, The
Patient, The
Pattern Is Broken, The
Pauline Johnson
Pawn To Move
Pearl, The (’94)
Pendragon County Ghost
People In The Wind
Perfect Fit
Perfect Night, The
Perils Of Chief Cimägasiw
    Of Cïciganïkh, The
Person I Once Was, The
Personal Effects ('05)
Personality (07)
Petronella (’80)
Phoenix Too Frequent, A
Picnic On The Battlefield (’85)
Pieces of Eight
Pile, The
Pinch Me!
Pink Pajamas
Pirates Of The River
Pitch, The
Pizza With Shrimp On Top
Plague Traders
Play On!
Play On Words
Play-Thing's Tale, A
Plaza Suite: Visitor From
    Forest Hills
Please Hang Up
Please Rise
Plumber’s Apprentice, The
Point Of View, A
Polly Pureheart Prevails
Pompadours And Poodle Skirts
Pony Expresso, The
Poor Uncle Ernie In His
    Covered Cage
Postponing The Heat Death
    Of The Universe
Pot Boiler, The (’90)
Potman Spoke Sooth, The (’86)
Power Play ('12)
Precious Jewel, A
Present Day Courtship
Present Tense
Pressure (15)
Pride Of Lions Or A School Of Fish
    Is Still A Clique, A
Prisonbreak (’92)
Private Affair, A
Private Ear, The (’89)
Private High
Private Lives Of The Master Race, The
Prometheus (’80)
Promises ('96, '10)
Property Rites ('10)
Proposal, The
Proud To Be A Canadian Girl
Puberty: The Game Show
Puppet Master, The (’93)
Puzzle Pieces
Pyramus And Thisbe

Queen For A Day
Queen Of Queen Street, The
Quest For Quasi, The: How Little
    Red Got Her Hunch Back
Quiet Place, The (’89)
Quiet Please

Rainmaker, The
Randomness Of Heart, The
Ransom Of Emily Jane, The
Real Inspector Hound, The
Really Rosie
Recco, The
Recluse, The (’83)
Red Carnations
Red Key
Red Spy At Night (’89)
Red Vs. The Wolf
Regina Monologues, The ('12)
Regrets Only
Remarkable Susan, The
Rememberin’ Stuff
Removing The Glove
Requiem For A Small Town
Rest In Peace
Rest Stop
Restaurant, The
Reunion On Gallows Hill
Revenge Of The Space Pandas, The
Reverie Of Sin, A
Reversing Anna: The Truth About
Reviving Ophelia
Riders To The Sea (’81*, ’91)
Riding Out The Storm
Right Kind Of House, The
Ring Around The Rosie
Ring Game, The
Rinse The Blood Off My Toga
Rise and Shine
Roast Pig
Robbers' Hall Of Frame
Robbing Hood ('12)
Robin Hood
Robin Hood: Almost The Truth
Rock Around The Block
Rock! Sword! Firecracker!
Rocking Horse Winner, The
Roman Wedding, A
Romancers, The
Romeo And Julie ('11)
Romeo and Juliet: Acts 1 & 2
Romeo And Juliet Abridged
Romeo Revised (09*, 15)
Romeo To Go
Romero And Juliet
Rookie Assassin, The
Rose For Emily, A
Rose, The
Rosie (14*)
Rouge Atomique
Round Robin
Rules Of Comedy, The
Run, Robber, Run
Runaways, The

Sad But True
Saga Of Katy And The
    Gamblin’ Lady
Saint, The
Sally And Sam (’85)
Sam Slick’s Surprise
Sandbox, The
Sarah’s Play (’82)
Saskatchewan Night Live! ('10)
Saturday Matinee
Saturday Night ('02*)
Saturday Night At The Drive-In
    Movie (Act 1)
Say Good Bye, Toto
Say Hi To Owlsey (’79)
Say Uncle
Saying Goodbye (13)
Scapino (’79. '06)
Scar That Never Heals, A
Scarlet Heart, The
Scenes From Life, Death
    And The Prom
Scenes From Stephanie Hero
Scenes From The Lion, The
    Witch And The Wardrobe
Scent Of Honeysuckle, A
School Days
School Daze
School Zone
Schoolyard Games (’95*, '98, '12)
Scorned Child, A
Scuba Lessons
Search, The (’84)
Second Best Bed
Secret Life Of Girls, The
See How They Run
Seeds Of Suspicion
Seesaw (’98)
Self Offense
Selfie (16)
Senior's Rule
Sergeant Peter Best's Lonely
    Hearts Club Syndrome
Serial Killer Barbie
Serpent’s Tooth
Seth’s Anxiety (’01)
Seussification Of Romeo And Juliet, The
Seusspeare: Meet The Macbeths (14)
Seven Minutes
Seven Wives For Dracula
Sex Lives Of Superheroes (07)
Sganarelle Or The Self-Decieved
Shakedown Shakespeare (07)
Shakespeare Unbound
Shakin’ The Tree
Shape Of A Girl
She Loves Me… Not
She Stoops To Conquer
She Was A Lazy Witch
She Was Only A Farmer’s
She’s At That Stage
Sherlock Holmes And The
    Curious Adventure Of The
    Clockwork Prince (18)
Ship Of Dreams, The
Shipbuilder, The
Shoes Along The Highway
Shooter, The
Short Line
Showdown At Sand Valley (’82)
Shuddersome: Tales Of Poe (15*)
Shunned, The
Siding 37
Silent Snow, Secret Snow
Silly Young Ladies, The
Sing To Me Through Open
Sit Calm
Sittin’ ('05)
Sixteen In 10 Minutes Or Less
Skid Marks: A Play About Driving (*18)
Skid Marks 2: Are We There Yet?
Skin (’90, '05*)
Sleep Tight Tonight
Slings And Arrows
Small Actors
(’00, 05)
Small Wooden Horse, A (’99)
Small World of Millie McIvor, The
Smartest Woman in the
     Kingdom, The
Smarty Pants
Snow Globe
Snow Show, The
Snow White And Friends (’83)
Snow White In The '70's (07)
Snowdreams (’93)
Snowee White And The
    Seven Chicks
So Foul And Fair A Day
So You Wanna Be A Cheerleader
Soldier Dreams, The
Some Of My Best Friends
    Are Smiths
Something Unspoken (’82)
Sometimes I Wake Up In
    The Middle Of The Night
Song For My Mother, A
Sorry, Wrong Number
Sorry Wotter - Son Of A Witch
Soul Within, The
Sound of a Heartbeat
Southfield Stories, The
Space Mutants
Spanish Minnow Sails Again, The
Spare The Rod
Sparks In The Park (’94)
Spectrum Six, The
Spirit Of Life, The and Magda and Josef (14)
Spirit Stone, The
Spoiler Alert
Spoon River
Spy T.V.
Squad Room
Stage Directions
Stage Four (17)
Staging Turtleton
Staking A Claim
Star Trip: The X Generation
Station, The
Steel Magnolias ('05)
Stefanie Hero (’97)
Steinway Grand
Step On A Crack
Sticks & Stones (’98)
Still Life
Still Stands The House (’88)
Stolen Identity
Stolen Prince, The
Stop The World - I Wanna Get Off!
Stopping At Elllis Island
Store, The
Stories From Under The Big Top
Storm, The
Stormin' the Teachers Lounge
Straight Skinny, The
Street Of Good Friends, The
Street Story
Strength Of Our Spirit - The
    Vision of Anne Frank, The
Stroke Static
Stronger, The
Struggles, The
Stuck In The Middle
Substitute, The
Suddenly Shakespeare
Summer Camp
Summer Comes To The
    Diamond O
Summer People, The
Summit Conference
Summoning of Everyman, The
Summons Of Sariel, The
Sunday Costs Five Pesos (’80, ’85)
Sunday Dress Rehearsal
Sunny Morning, A
Superhero Sanitarium
Superheroes: With Great Power
    Comes Ordinary Responsibility
Surprise, Surprise
Survival of the Fittest Show, The
Surviving Lunch
Survivor And Other Urban
    Legends, The
Sweet Little 16
Swimmer, The (’81, ’92)
Switching Places

Table Talk
Take Five
Tale So True, A
Tale That Wagged The Dog, The
Tales Of Trickery (’99)
Talking About My Generation
Taming Of LaRue, The
Taming Of The Shrew, The (’82)
Taming The Wild, Wild West
    In A Dress (Act 1)
Tangled Snarl, The
Teachers On The Verge Of A Nervous
Tears From Dying Eyes ('90)
Teen Age, The ('03)
Teen Angel
Teenage Moms
Tell Dorie Not To Cry
Tell It Like It Is
Tell Me Another Story, Sing Me A Song
Tell Me That You Love Me,
    Junie Moon
Ten Ways To Surive The Zombie
Terezin Promise, The
Terrorist, The
Texas Boy
Text This
Thank You For Flushing My Head In
    The Toilet And Other Rarely Used
That Day
That Was No Lady, That
    Was A Private Eye
That's Not How I Remember It
There’s A Body In The Closet
They Eat Sunshine Not Zebras
Thin Ice
Third And Oak: The
    Laundromat (’83)
Thirty Seven Twelve
This Can’t Happen To Me
This Is A Play (15)
This Is A Test (’90, ’93, ’95, '05)
This Is A Text
This Is Not A Pipe Dream
This Is The Rill Speaking
This Train (’83, ’86, ’90*)
Thousand Cranes, A ('09)
Three Doors To Death
Three Million Dollar Lunch, The
Three On A Bench
Through Darkest Adolescence
Through The Mirror (00, 09, 16)
Through Thick And Thin ('10)
THS PHNE 2.0: The Next Generation
Tick Talk
To Absent Friends
To Be Continued… (17)
To Burn A Witch (’80, '11)
To Everything There Is A Season
To Tell The Truth
Tolstoy Story Play, The
Tom Jones
Tom Sawyer’s Morning
Too Many Doctors (’81)
Toronto At Dreamer’s Rock (’93)
Toys For Men
Traces In The Sand
Train Ride Away
Trash Pageant (’91)
Traveler’s Rest
Treachery At Cartilage Creek
Trial, The
Trial of Goldilocks, The
Trips, The
Trojan Women, The (Hays) ('14)
Trojan Women, The (MacEwen)
Trouble With Derek, The
Truth About Cinderella, The
Truth About Sparrows, The
Truth Or Dare
Trysting Place, The (’81)
Tuna Fish Eulogy
Turning Points
Tuxedos And Jumpsuits
Twelve O'clock Murder
Twelve Pound Look, The
Twelve Twenty One P. M.
Twice Upon a Time
Two Dumb Dogs: The Amazing
    Adventures Of Ferdo And Floof (11)
Two Fools Who Gained A
    Measure Of Wisdom
Two For The Road
Two Horns And A Tale
Two Precious Maidens
Two Small Fries To Go ('08)
Typical Atypical Day, A

Ugly Duckling, The (Avrill)
Ugly Duckling, The
(Milne) (’94)
Ugly Duckling, The (Sterling) (’01*)
Ugly Forever or Forever Ugly
Undercurrent, The
Unhappily Ever After
Unknown Soldier, The (’93)
Unprincess, The
Until We Meet Again

Until You Stand On Your
Up In Smoke
Up The Rent
Uphill Revival, The
Upon A Sea Of Dreams: A
    Journey On The Titanic
Us And Them

Valedictorian, The
Valiant, The
Valley Forgery
Valley Of The Shadow, The
Vamp Ire (13)
Vampire’s Bride, The
Vanities: Scene I (’84 '04)
Variations On A Theme
Veldt, The
Very Bad Day For Brandon
    Butterworth, A
Very Great Grandson Of
    Sherlock Holmes
Village Wooing (’88)
Villian Wore a Dirty Shirt, The
Virtual Love (’00)
Voice Of The One, Voice
    Of The Many
Voice Within, A
Voices From The High School
Voices (Lortz)
Voices (St. Denis)
Voices Of Desire

Wait Wait Bo Bait
Waiting For Joe Doe
Waiting For Lefty
Waiting For The Bus
Waiting Room, The ('06)
Wake Up And Love
Wake-Up Call ('08)
Walkin' Home
Walking Dead, The
Wall Hanging, The
Wall, The
Wall, The: A Pilgrimage (’01)
Wanted: One Groom
War At Home
War Letters
War Room, The
Warm, Hot, Getting Hotter
Was She Sown Or Was
    She Reaped
Watching Brief
Watermelon Boats
Way Deep
Way It Is, The
Way, Way Off Broadway
Wayside War
We Loathe Our Customers
Wedding, A
Weird Is The Night
Weird Kid, The (’90)
Welcoming, The
Welfare Lady, The
What Are We Going To Do
    With Mama?
What Came First? (13)
What Rough Beast
What The Hell Is The Plural
    For Apocalypse?
What Women Want Most
What's The Difference
What’s Wrong With The Girls
Wheat City ('90)
Wheel Of Justice
When God Comes For Breakfast
    You Don’t Burn The Toast
When It's Dark Out
When Men Are Scarce
When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet
When, Then, Now Do It Again
When Tomorrow Comes
Where Have All The Lightning
    Bugs Gone?
Where's Happiness?
Where Your Heart Is
White Pages, The
White Room Of My Remembering
Who Am I This Time?
Who Calls?
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Who’s Dying To Be A Millionaire?
Who’s Out There?
Whole New You, A
Why Do We Laugh? (’96, '10)
Why I Am A Bachelor (’84)
Why Teachers Go Nuts
Widow's Mite
Wild Flowering Of Chastity, The
    (Or Chaste Across The Stage)
('85*, ’04*)
Wild West Women (’84)
Wihtiko, The
Will And The Spirit, The
Will Someone Please Tell Me
    What’s Going On Here?
Will The Ladies Please Come
    To Order
Will You Join Me For Dinner?
Willy Velvet, Homicide Detective
Wind Of Heaven’s Love, The
Wings (’89)
Wings To Fly
Winners! (’82, ’88)
Winners Do Quit!
Winter Of 1917, The
Wishin' Tree, The
Wising Up!
Wisp In The Wind (07*)
Witches (’80)
With Regard To Cooper Clawson's
Wizard of Oz, The
Women Of Troy, The
Wonderful Western Hat, The
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, The (Act 1)
Wooden Pear
Write Me A Murder
WROK In The City
Wynn Fairly, Champeen Rassler!
    or Get A Grip On Yourself

XYZ Files, The


Yellow Boat, The
Yellow Boat, The (Touring Version)
Yesterday's Satire ('83)
You, The Jury
You Want Me To Be Grown
    Up, Don’t I
Your Mother's Butt ('09)
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown: Act 1
You're Driving Me Crazy

Zero Sum Mind, The
Zoo Story, The
Zorro's Back In Town