Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement

M. H. Garia defined the term Multicultural Diversity Competence as referring “to the ability to demonstrate respect and understanding, to communicate effectively, and work collaboratively with people from different cultural backgrounds.” (Garcia, M.H.: 1995. An anthropological approach to multicultural diversity training. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. Vol. 31, No. 4, pp 490-504.) It is this description that is Saskatchewan Drama Association’s concept for the Association regarding inclusion and diversity.

It is the policy of the Saskatchewan Drama Association to retain a leadership role within Saskatchewan’s cultural and educational community by continually building on its progress and expanding its efforts to reach out and include those who come from all segments of the population. Saskatchewan Drama Association aspires to maintain the relevance of inclusion and diversity by modeling and championing inclusion and diversity throughout the Association. SDA is committed to taking positive action by making a special effort to be inclusive.

Saskatchewan Drama Association’s work and support reaches lands covered by Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10, the traditional lands of the Cree, Dakota, Dene, Lakota, Nakota and Saulteaux peoples, as well as homeland of the Métis/Michif.

Saskatchewan Drama Association endeavours to reflect and promote our diverse society in order to effectively engage our youth and adult communities, and at the same time provide equal access to opportunities. It is only through such a commitment that the SDA can address societal issues and effectively influence and reflect Saskatchewan’s diverse communities.

Saskatchewan Drama Association continually provides challenging educational and personal experiences, that provide growth and learning in drama and theatre education. SDA values and integrates the perspectives of diverse identities, cultures, styles, and groups. SDA actively works to continually identify inclusion and diversity through the examination of its current practices and by removing any barriers to accessibility.

Saskatchewan Drama Association strives to create learning and working environments in which all are included, welcomed and respected. Our continuing commitment to diversity and inclusion means recognizing and celebrating varying experiences, beliefs and customs to immerse them into SDA’s Mission and Values and are reflected in its policies, systems, and structures.