Frequently Asked Questions

Playwriting FAQ (pdf)

  1. How should I format my play submission?
    • Submissions should be saved as a pdf with the format: YourName_Submission Title. Please number your pages and include your name and title on the page headers. Please follow these standard formatting rules:
        • Act and Scene Headings are Centered.
        • Character’s Names are Centered and Capitalized.
        • Stage Directions are Indented one tab and Italicized.
        • Character’s Names in Stage Directions are Capitalized.
        • Parenthetical Stage Directions are used for Small Actions.
  2. Does my play have to be original?
    • Yes. Only original works are accepted.
  3. Can I enter more than one play?
    • Yes you can!! Remember: any script submitted must not have been produced before and all submitted scripts are original. There is, however, a limit of no more than three (3) entries per playwright (includes plays written with another playwright).
  4. Can the play have been staged before?
    • No. Your submitted play must be original and it must not have been previously produced. However, after the contest deadline, the playwright retains all rights to the script, so production after the final deadline is certainly permitted without disqualification.